Friday, August 21, 2015

Ankara-ISIS Oil Relations Story Making its Way in Washington

Ankara-ISIS Oil Relations

Reports that some crucial data has been seized by Western İntel services which is said to display the depth of the relationship between Ankara and ISIS were published in the British media in recent weeks. Those same reports indicated that Abu Sayyaf, who was reportedly responsible for the ISIS energy-oil file, was killed in summer of 2014 and data seized at that raid.

Trusted Western sources who follow the same issue closely spoke to Cumhuriyet Daily and stated that the oil smuggling business between Turkey and ISIS continued about 2 or 2.5 years until recent months. And these relations were "conducted between the senior Ankara officials who were high enough to make these sorts of decisions". The source, also argued that "these sorts of energy relations at that level (tens or hundreds of millions?) also cannot be established and conducted without the knowledge of the Turkish Intel Agency high ranks." Turkey's Intel Agency, also known MIT, is known for being deeply involved with Mr. Erdogan's Syria policy as opposed to Turkish Military who appeared to be steering away from Syria as much possible.

Same sources also indicated that the data which was taken from Abu Sayyaf's computer, has been deciphered by a Western Intel Org. Though, the source added, "this information which poised to show the undeniable links between Turkey and ISIS have not been raised with the Turkish diplomatic or political interlocutors yet". When asked why, same source continued to say that along with some other reasons, "the trust is not there with the Turks. But the issue is making its way into the policy circles of Washington DC.''

The CIA media spokesperson Ryan Whaylen declined to comment, when asked about the above claims and whether CIA has deciphered discussed files. US State Department officials and also White House officials, "declined to comment" on the story. 

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