Thursday, February 12, 2015

US State Dept. Responds Pres Erdogan

I reached out to the State Dept. re Pres Erdogan's remarks on Chapel Hill victims. In that, Pres Erdogan, during the current visit to Mexico, stated this: "Regarding 3 Muslim youngsters' killing in America, that Pres Obama and his vice president Biden or Sec of State Kerry haven't made any statement is ironic. I am calling on Mr. Obama and saying: "Where are you President?" 

The statement below is on background attributable to “a State Department spokesperson.” I just received moments ago: “We are saddened by the senseless acts in Chapel Hill. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the deceased. We are moved by the way the Chapel Hill community has united and shown its support to the grieving families.  The case is under investigation by the Chapel Hill Police Department.  We refer you to them for more information.”

For now, it seems, the US State Dept. does not want to get in an argument over Chapel Hill killings.

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