Sunday, July 03, 2016

Grave allegations about IHH regarding its jihadist support

IHH is operating under charity organization category in Turkey. Israel recognizes it as terrorist group.

İHH is a conservative Turkish NGO, whose members are predominantly Turkish Muslims, active in more than 100 countries.

IHH, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, did a lot of work within Syria. In the beginning, it was able to help mediate for swap of prisoners between the Syrian regime and various opposition groups. In other words, it had an open channel with the Assad regime.

Later on, as Syrian crisis became a civil war, IHH deeply involved with Syria. Its loads of trucks going into Syria has been always a matter of discussion.

For sometime, it has been heard that there will be a case against IHH at US courts. According to my earlier reports, “IHH management team and dozens of workers” will be charged with various crimes, including but not limited to carrying guns, ammunition into the civil war.

According to US sources talked to me, IHH will be accused of arming and transporting militants into Syria, for those groups affliated with organizations such as ISIS or Al Qaida.

Today, July 3rd, Turkey’s well-known, veteran journalist and respectable TV news show anchor Ugur Dundar penned a column and wrote about potential charges that are expected to be brought against IHH at the US courts, based what he calls “trusted sources.”

Here are charges will be brought against IHH, according to Ugur Dundar piece:

“Here are grave allegations about IHH:
  1. Raising money as “donation” and channeling the money to groups tied to Al Qaida and ISIS within Syia.
  2. Buying guns via shell companies in the Balkans and transporting these guns to groups tied to Al Qaida and ISIS in Syria.
  3. Recruiting jihadists in Caucasus for Al Qaida (linked groups, Al Nusra) and bringing them to a camp in Hatay/Reyhanli. Then transfer those fighters into Syria’s various regions.
In addition to all that, raising those Syrian refugees kids who are staying at illegal religious houses and dormitories as jihadists, then sending them into ranks of Al Qaida and ISIS terrorist organizations.”

Dundar also says there are other grave allegations in the case against IHH.

WIll Erdogan repeat “have you (IHH) asked me?”
President Erdogan, a couple of days ago during an Iftar speech, suddenly turned and call out IHH, grilled them for not asking a permission before going to Gaza with the flotilla in 2010. Erdogan has been using Mavi Marmara Flotilla in his elections campaigns for years and slamming opposition parties for not owning IHH, like he does.
So what is this sudden change? Only because agreement with Israel? Even though IHH raised its opposition voice against the agreement, it did not really carry a campaign against it.

Today IHH apologized for its stance. Everyone is curious to see what he will do next. He will continue slamming IHH?

In any case, his words now became famous: “have you asked my permission before you go?”

Now he can more easily repeat that “accidental” question when this US court case and grave allegations brought to the US Courts and say: “have you asked my permission before... “ committing all those war crimes.

It’s important to repeat “everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty.” So is IHH until we see the indictment and judicial process in the US courts.

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