Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Former Hacktivist Hector Monsegur "Sabu" Squashes Conspiracy Theories

Hector Xavier Monsegur, known also by the online pseudonym Sabu is a former American computer hacker and co-founder of the hacking group LulzSec. He later turned informant for the FBI, working with the agency for over ten months to aid them in identifying other hackers from Lulzsec and related groups. More info on him Wikipedia.

Monsegur, recently became a popular person in Turkey and a matter of conspiracy theories among pro-AKP government circles. People like Hilal Kaplan, Yusuf Ozhan, C.Kenar wrote and talked about Monsegur's release by Attorney Preet Bharara, and alleged that Bharara may have rewarded Monsegur for his attacks on Turkish government servers during Gezi Protests in 2013. Bharara is the same U.S. Attorney who arrested Reza Zarrab last month. All these attacks on Erdogan government during Gezi protests, according to same pool of AKP writers and talking heads, orchestrated by FBI. These rumors were talked at pro-AKP government media (pool media) and newspapers, written columns on it.

Below, my Qs and As with Hector Monsegur which will end these rumors:

> Did you in anyway cooperate with Prosecutor Bharara in conspiring against Turkey during Gezi protests (btw June 2013-Sept 2013)?
Realistically, I have never met the man. He was the boss of my AUSA (Prosecutor Jim Pastore (google it)), so even though my prosecutor did all of the work Bharara took all of the credit. I never personally interacted with him, nor did we have any discussions, nor did the prosecutors office ask me to do anything like that. Remember, my case is over and I owe nothing to do the government. I do not work for the government, and I'm the least person in the world to protect them against these conspiracies as I have nothing at stake and nothing to gain.
So to answer your question: no. By June 2013 I was already banned off of the internet, under gag order not to communicate with anyone related to my case (including Anons)

> Do you think the reason Prosecutor Bharara let you free bc you attacked on Turkey and other countries?
No, not at all. My cooperation, contrary to popular belief, was to provide information on active hacks, including hacks against foreign governments. As far as I know - the FBI would communicate those attacks to the foreign governments via government channels - be it embassies, CERT (Computer Emergency Response Teams) or otherwise. So, if I were to intercept an attack against Turkey by chance, more than likely the U.S. government sent a memo to their counter parts that an imminent threat exists.

> Did FBI agents ask you to attack on Turkish government?

> Did FBI agents were okay for you to attack Turkey or other countries like Brazil while they were watching over you?
Post-arrest, I didn't technically attack Turkey. And since I didn't attack Turkey, it wasn't a legal issue.

> Did you help Redhack to attack Turkish government servers during Gezi protests?
No. In 2012, I introduced RedHack to a colleague at the time who shared similar anarchistic beliefs. They collaborated, and thus hacks happened. Even though I had communicate with RedHack, I did not collaborate with them on any specific hacks.

> We know you helped RedHack early in 2012. Did yo help them in 2013?

No. By 2013 I was completely banned off of the Internet. I did not return until May of 2015, when my supervised release (probation) completed.

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