Saturday, February 06, 2016

Ecuadorian MP who got beaten spoke: I have a blood cloth in my nose

Ecuadorian MP who got beaten spoke: I have a blood cloth in my nose
Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Ecuador caused quite a few scandals at the same time in the country. Several protestors got beaten during Pres Erdogan speech by Turkish guards, there were protests organized outside where he went. Now it turns out, Erdogan’s bodyguards also attacked and beaten Ecuador MP Diego Vintimilla

I reached out to member of Asamblea Nacional Vintimilla via twitter message to ask him what happened. Vintimilla, first thanking ‘’thousands of communications for national and international solidarity, especially [from] Turkish people” continued: “I was assaulted by four security agents of [President] Erdogan, for the sole reason was to record with my phone as they assaulted a fellow who was manofestándose politically.”

(It seems like MP Vintimilla is not familiar with Erdogan’s rules and objects that he was only recording another person who was assaulted by Erdogan’s guards. In places where Erdogan is present, there is no rule of law and it was very clear that it was MP’s fault who attempted to film a brutal intervention by Erdogan’s guards.)

“Turkey owes an apology to Ecuadorian State”
Vintimilla, who is only 27, continued: “I think it is important that the international community aware of these events as they are a violation of national sovereignty and it is unfortunate that a diplomatic visit end this way. The Ecuadorian State deserves a public apology from the Turkish government, and we hope this answer soon.”

"My nose is fine, only have a blood clot inside.."
I asked MP if reports that his nose is broken by guards are accurate. He answered: “My nose is fine now, I got lucky because the bone is ok, but i have a blood clot inside...”

Lessons for those non-Turk MPs out there
There is a lesson here for all MPs around the world who may face Pres Erdogan’s visit in the future and to prevent such unlucky incidents even occurring again to them.

First all, all MPs around the world, wherever they are, if near Pres Erdogan’s presence, they need to work to calm people and prevent protests against his highness. This comes with the package. Erdogan is a very exceptional leader and must be treated that way. It's not for no reason that close to 1500 people got sued by Erdogan for allegedly 'insulting' him. He is very sensitive. Little be more considerate, please!

In addition to that, if they are unable to calm protestors, then they have to help Pres Erdogan’s guards “calming” or “kicking” or “hitting” protestors because, as Pres Erdogan stated during his speech while protest against him was continuing: “these are rude people and getting deserved for what they did.” MPs shall never record his highness Erdogan’s bodyguards ‘manhandling” protestors.

Finally, all those MPs around the world must be thankful all time that world leader Erdogan cares enough to visit their countries. They should thank Erdogan over Twitter via other communications etc. 

They dont know it: it’s Erdogan. He is always right.

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