Wednesday, December 16, 2015

US: We demonstrated our ability to rapidly send U.S. assets to Turkey

Laura Seal, DoD Spokesperson sent a statement after asked about US decision to withdraw a dozen F15s from Incirlik base, Adana, Turkey. 

These planes arrived Turkey only little more than a month ago. Seal's statement follows, highlights belong to me: 

''After completing temporary deployments to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, 12 F-15s are redeploying to RAF Lakenheath starting today, and completing by the end of the week.

The F-15s deployed to Incirlik in November. The F-15Cs arrived Nov. 6 and the F-15Es Nov. 12.

Six F-15Cs deployed in response to a request from the Turkish Government, demonstrating our ability to rapidly send U.S. assets to Turkey in support of an air defense mission.

During the deployment, we finalized a bilateral agreement with Turkey outlining procedures for combat air patrol missions in Turkish airspace. This enduring agreement provides a framework for our aircraft to support air defense missions in Turkey if/when called upon, either with these air frames or others in the future.

Six F-15Es joined our manned and remotely piloted aircraft already conducting counter-ISIL missions from Incirlik alongside Turkish F-16s.

Counter-ISIL operations from Incirlik and other operating locations continue. Our air campaign draws upon a variety of aircraft from different operating locations, and the arrival and departure of deployed aircraft is accounted for in our planning process.  There are 12 A-10s as well as a number of Remotely Piloted Aircraft conducting counter-ISIL missions from Incirlik along with Turkish F-16s. We also expect to see an increase in Coalition aircraft operating from Incirlik in the coming months.''


Laura Seal
DoD Spokesperson, Defense Press Office

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