Friday, June 26, 2015

US Continues to oppose Turkey's buffer zone plans in Syria

Answers, below, provided by an official from US State Department. 
Ilhan Tanir

Question 1: Acc to Turkish FM report obtained by Hurriyet (below), Turkey thinks that a buffer zone can be created in the region free of al-Assad forces and ISIL. How the US government think of this plan? Does the US govt support the idea? 

Answer to Question 1:
“Our position on a proposed no-fly or other military-enforced zone has not changed.  The creation and enforcement of no-fly zones and other military-enforced zones present significant challenges, including military, humanitarian, and financial challenges, which we must consider in the context of our broader Syria policy.  We constantly evaluate potential options for supporting the moderate Syrian opposition.”      

US urges PYD to fulfill their public pledges re Tel Abyad 
Question 2, How the US govt. comment the following: "The reaction to the PYD’s forcing out of Turkmens and Arabs in the region, and replacing them with Kurds, has been conveyed to the United States, the United Nations, the U.N. Security Council, the European Union Commission and NATOsecretary-general. The U.S. has recognized Turkey’s claim and conveyed it to the PYD administration at the highest level. "

Answer to Question 2:
“We treat any such allegations quite seriously and have made clear to all actors that such behavior is unacceptable.  We will look more closely at these accusations to determine whether there is any veracity to these claims.  We call on those who will now participate in administering the town to do so inclusively and with respect for all groups – regardless of ethnicity.  The PYD and the YPG have publicly stated that Tel Abyad residents who have fled are welcome to return home, adding that it will leave the administration of the town to civilian committees.  We welcome this statement, urge them to fulfill their public pledges, and will continue to encourage all forces in Tel Abyad to help set conditions for the return of refugees.  It is essential that anti-ISIL forces make concerted efforts in Tel Abyad and in other liberated areas to administer inclusively, protect local populations and property, set conditions for the return of refugees to their homes, and promote and protect human rights.  This is critical to hold and stabilize territory recaptured from ISIL.”

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