Friday, March 07, 2014

White House Refutes PM Erdogan's Remarks!

White House official sent this exclusive statement regarding PM's Erdogan's remarks on Gulen: 
"The response attributed to President Obama with regard to Mr. Gulen is not accurate. In that February 19 call, the President noted the importance of sound policies rooted in the rule of law, as well as the importance of mutually respectful relations between our countries.  Our commitment to working together with Turkey, particularly on a variety of regional issues of mutual interest, continues."

Here is what PM Erdogan said yesterday at a Turkish TV, during a live interview: 
"I talked to Mr. Obama over this issue (religious leader Fethullah Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania). I told him that the source of my country's  discomfort (unrest) lives there (in US) and I am expecting from you to do whatever is necessary. I ask your help, just like you ask my help whenever some people (live in Turkey) threaten the US' homeland security. And he (Obama) sounded positive, said "the message is taken.

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