Monday, November 21, 2011

My Qs and As w/State Dpt. Spox V. Nuland, November 21, 2011, Press Briefing

Egypt protests/timetable
QUESTION:  One of the biggest demands of the protestors right now – not only to see elections, but also to see clear timetable for the transition.  Do you share this largest concern of the protestors right now?
MS. NULAND:  We do.  We want to see a clear transition timetable, but again, the plan now is to have these rounds of parliamentary elections to elect a body that can begin then laying out of the rest of the timetable, including for the drafting of the constitution and including for the decisions on head of state and government.  So we have to get started here in order to complete the process.

Tear Gas provider US Companies
QUESTION:  Egyptian military over the weekend, and including today, has been using – heavily using teargas, and according to reports, this teargas had been provided by the U.S. companies.  After seeing this violence on the protestors, are you open to reconsider this aid, military aid, to Egypt?  MS. NULAND:  Again, what we want to see is this democratic process go forward.  We want to see this first round of elections go well.  We want to see the electoral process continue.  And we don’t want to see violence by any side between now and then or going forward.

Syria, UNSC resolution
QUESTION:  Very quickly, going back to Syria.  Are you planning to work at the UN Security Council this week to pass resolution on Asad or on the regime this week?  Are you going to start any – resume any work in New York? 
MS. NULAND:  Well, I think we always leave open the door to continue work at the United Nations and its various constituent bodies as well as in the UNSC.  But I don’t have anything particular to report to you today. 

Monday, November 21
Background conference call on "Iran sanctions" with White House Senior officials
OPERATOR:  We have a question from the line of Ilhan Tanir with Vatan Turkish daily.  Please go ahead.
QUESTION:  Thank you.  I’m not sure who would like to take this question, but I am going to be little more particular.  Apparently, these new measures the U.S. is launching a worldwide diplomatic campaign and you are encouraging other countries to join you.  Particularly Turkey, Iran is a country which provides substantial part of Turkey’s energy needs and we all know Turkey’s disagreements at the UN Security Council last year.  My question is have you been able to talk to Turkish Government for their role in this renewed effort?  How the partnership between the two countries is going to happen at this time?  Thank you.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: We have been in continuous contact with the Turkish Government as well as other governments in the region and throughout the world about the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1929.  And the Turkish Government has assured us that it’s fully committed to implementing conscientiously Resolution 1929.  We welcome their assurances in that regard. Obviously, Turkey is a kind of so-called frontline state.  It’s located near Iran and has to take special measures, exercise special vigilance in ensuring that it’s implementing Resolution 1929 effectively.  But we have constant discussions with the Turkish Government and we very much appreciate the cooperation we’ve had.

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