Friday, February 12, 2010

Top official set to visit US amid Armenian row

Howard Berman, the Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said last week he intended to call a committee vote March 4, on the non-binding resolution urging President Barack Obama to describe the 1915 killings during the late days of Ottoman Empire as genocide. Sinirlioğu is expected to tell the U.S. official that the vote will further damage the Turkey-Armenia reconciliation process that has already hit the rocks due to the recent decision of the Armenia's constitutional court.
The court’s ruling that the interpretation and application of the protocols signed between the two countries to normalize relations should be in compliance with the Armenian constitution is a cause of concern for Turkey since Turkish government argues that the court has impaired the spirit of the agreements. The Turkish government insists that the decision prevents the discussion of Armenian genocide claims by a committee of historians that will be established according to the articles of the protocols.
Sinirlioğlu is expected to seek assurances from the U.S. administration that the court’s ruling will not legally prevent the discussion of Armenian claims of genocide.
Turkey believes the pending resolution is aimed at putting pressure on the government to pass the protocols through Parliament. In an interview over the weekend, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu denounced the committee for scheduling a vote on an Armenian “genocide” resolution at this time, saying that its passage would seriously harm Turkey’s relations with both the United States and Armenia.
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Guest - Guest (2010-02-12 18:43:25) :
Here's an idea. Burn the protocols, let the U.S. Congress pass the resolution for which the Armenian Diaspora has paid them millions of dollars in campaign contributions, keep the border closed and Armenia economically isolated, increase trade and ties with Russia (which when push comes to shove, has ALWAYS betrayed Armenia throughout history), take the lead in the Caucasus, establish a Turkic union, remain the hub of most natural gas and oil pipelines from the east to the west that ALL western nations rely upon, keep exploring for oil in Turkey's sovereign territory, and, most importantly, finally and unequivocally ELIMINATE the basis which has been used for blackmailing Turkey for too long. In effect, allow the actions of the diaspora to nail the coffin of Armenia's future. It won't be the first time Dashnak leaders' catastrophic errors have caused the Armenian people suffering. 

Guest - Murat (2010-02-12 15:12:46) :
Turkey should end this annual charade. Let them pass the resolution quietely. It will be seen that world will be the same. Let them find another cause in defense of ther identity. Fact are fatcs, they are not at the mercy of politicians and lobbiests. Only myths need this much propaganda and propping. 

Guest - Fatih (2010-02-12 13:27:33) :
@David there is no need for an Internationally agreed tribunal, as MCB put it very clearly "Any Turkish 'historian' who does not already recognise that there was a genocide has absolutely no right to be described as an historian." theres your court, judge and verdict. They dont even realize Turkey is doing everything they can to normalize relations to help a backward country like Armenia. 

Guest - David (2010-02-12 11:36:19) :
Has there ever been a investigation by say a World wide agreed Independant Genocide Tribunal or any other organisation which is not the usual political sham government organisation, one which is clean and unbiased?. I,ve searched the web and can find nothing other than opinions and "judgements" from very interested political organisations, this is like a hysterical kangaroo court. If there is to be a decision either way put a unbiased commission agreeable to both the accused and accuser otherwise it will be yet another sham inquiry or so called trial. The WW2 Jews got a fair hearing and a world wide agreement, Haulocost is a much bandied and political word this days. Also have a trial against the Accuser to see what was their true posion in this matter, no need to respond to this as these columns are full of "they did that","we were innocent" and visa vera comments. just looking for the truth not continued accusations. 

Guest - MCB (2010-02-12 08:53:22) :
"a committee of historians ". Any Turkish 'historian' who does not already recognise that there was a genocide has absolutely no right to be described as an historian. To not be aware of the Genocide they must be incompetent or a nationalist puppet. The committee is pointless, just another chance for Turkey to try and erase this disgusting part of its history. 

Guest - Daniel (2010-02-12 01:00:40) :
The US congress should not bow to such indirect threats.. say what needs to be said... morality starts with the truth.... then lets deal with the consequences s of such truths... 

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